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Empowering Mental Health Innovation Through Collaborative Excellence

Bridging the gap between brilliant ideas and real-world solutions, MindSpark 360 ignites transformative partnerships that reshape the future of mental health.

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Our Partners are essential to driving innovation and impact. Together with visionary corporations, top healthcare institutions, and innovative startups, we lead breakthroughs in mental health.

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House of Mental Health

20 - 24 January 2025, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

Join us during World Economic Forum, in reshaping the future as we connect the brightest minds to foster innovation, strengthen policies, and boost funding for global wellness initiatives. Discover how our collaborative efforts are paving the way for a healthier tomorrow. 

What We Do


Elevate your organization with tailored workshops. For corporations, we enhance workplace well-being and productivity. For healthcare organizations, we guide the development of patient-centered services and introduce the latest innovations. Our expert-led sessions are designed to advance both corporate and healthcare environments effectively.



Foster impactful collaborations with our Startup Partnership Facilitation service. We connect innovative startups with established corporations and healthcare providers, catalyzing the integration of groundbreaking mental health solutions into mainstream markets. Our strategic facilitation is designed to accelerate development and maximize mutual benefits.


Enhance your investment portfolio with our Strategic Investments service. We assist corporates in investing in high-potential mental health startups, and help startups secure the funding they need to scale. Our expert-guided approach ensures impactful investments that drive innovation and generate substantial returns.

Elevate your reach and capacity through our network of partners.

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You're Invited!

MindSpark 360 Launch Event: Sparking Innovation in Mental Health

Step into the future of mental health at the MindSpark 360 Launch Event, where innovation meets impact. This not-to-be-missed event assembles thought leaders, industry innovators, and change-makers all under one roof to redefine mental wellness.

What to Expect:

  • MindSpark 360 Introduction: Uncover the driving force behind our initiatives as we showcase our mission and the dynamic team poised to transform mental health care.

  • Corporate Wellbeing Dialogue: Engage with top corporate strategists and academic leaders as they discuss cutting-edge wellness strategies that are reshaping the workplace.

  • Medical Engagement Insights: Participate in enriching discussions with healthcare professionals and pioneers about breakthrough collaborations that are setting new standards in patient care.

Cap off the event with a vibrant networking session where ideas flow as freely as the refreshments. Connect with startups, forge new relationships, and exchange groundbreaking ideas. Prepare to leave inspired, informed, and interconnected with leaders from across the mental health spectrum. Join us to spark change and drive forward the conversation on mental health innovation.

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