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Our Story

Dear Friends,

From the very beginning, my vision for MindSpark 360 was to transform how we approach mental health care. This journey began with a simple yet profound belief: innovation fueled by collaboration can revolutionize mental wellness. It was this belief that led to the founding of MindSpark 360 under the auspices of the Swiss Association for Mental Health Innovation.

Our mission has always been clear—to integrate, innovate, and improve mental health solutions by bridging the gap between technology, healthcare expertise, and corporate leadership. I am proud to say that over the years, we have built a vibrant community where ideas flourish, solutions emerge, and real change is made possible.

Building Bridges, Fostering Change
From day one, MindSpark 360 has been about partnerships. We've brought together thought leaders from diverse fields—startups bursting with new ideas, healthcare providers dedicated to patient care, and corporations seeking to enhance workplace wellness. Together, we have tackled complex challenges and developed innovative solutions that impact lives.

Our Journey of Growth and Impact
As MindSpark 360 grew, so did our reach and impact. Each project and partnership has been a step towards our goal of making mental health care accessible and effective. Our collective efforts have helped push forward-thinking solutions and have initiated discussions that contribute to local and industry-specific improvements in mental health practices.

Looking Ahead
Innovation does not stand still, and neither will we. As we look to the future, our commitment to enhancing mental wellness remains unwavering. We continue to explore groundbreaking technologies and methodologies, ensuring that MindSpark 360 stays at the forefront of the mental health revolution.

An Invitation
This journey is far from over, and we need passionate individuals like you to join us. Together, we can ensure that mental health care is recognized as a fundamental right, accessible to all. Let’s continue to break barriers and build a future where mental wellness is prioritised and preserved.

Thank you for being part of this vital mission. Your support and collaboration make all the difference.


Warmest regards,



Patricia Gall
Founder, MindSpark 360

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Our Team

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