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Corporate Offerings

At MindSpark 360, we empower corporations to enhance workplace wellness and boost productivity through strategic mental health initiatives. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each corporate environment, helping to cultivate a healthier, more engaged workforce. By collaborating with us, your organization can access innovative tools and strategies designed to integrate mental health solutions seamlessly into your corporate culture, thereby improving employee well-being and driving business success.

Executive Workshops

These high-level workshops are designed for board members and C-level executives to understand the critical role of mental health strategies in overall corporate health. We focus on cultivating leadership that champions mental wellness as a core organizational value.


Corporate Wellbeing Strategy Workshops

Targeted at HR, CSR, and innovation teams, these workshops help develop or enhance your corporate wellbeing strategies. Participants learn to create robust mental health frameworks that are scalable and aligned with business objectives.


Innovation Partnerships Exploration

This module assists corporations in identifying and collaborating with mental health startups that match their strategic interests. From the initial connection to proof of concept development, we guide you through each step to ensure successful integration and rollout of innovative solutions.


Investments & Acquisitions

For corporations looking to invest in or acquire mental health startups, this module offers expert guidance under the leadership of our Chief Investment Officer. We help you navigate the investment landscape to maximize impact and returns, ensuring alignment with your business’s long-term goals.



Tailored corporate events for internal or external audiences, focusing on promoting mental health awareness and fostering a supportive community. We handle everything from planning to execution, ensuring each event is impactful and aligns with your corporate values.

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